What is BARI Festival ?

Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (BARI) Festival is about exchanging ideas, exploring arts practice and highlighting Brisbane’s creative spaces.

What is an ARI ?

‘Artist Run Initiative’ [ARI] is an umbrella term for a variety of artist generated activities. It refers to any collaborative project run by visual artists to present their and others’ projects and ideas. In Brisbane, ARIs play a vital role in the artistic climate of the city, providing an alternative to the commercial and state run galleries. While some ARIs function within the traditional art gallery paradigm, many function outside of traditions, utilizing pop up spaces, empty shop fronts, or exhibiting from their own homes. These ARI’s strive at initiating exchange, developing networks and putting creative ideas and concepts into action. They can be short lived or thrive for a few years. Artist Run Initiatives have shaped Brisbane’s art scene, and will continue to do so into the future.